Chinese Vision

The Pilot of Performing Arts in Taiwan

Founded by artistic director Serina Chen, Taipei Arts International is viewed as the nation’s leading company in presenting, organizing and producing prodigious event and production of the performing arts on a national and international scale. The team aims to promote international arts exchange and correspond to the global vision of arts; to propel Taiwanese artistic achievement onto the international stage; to encourage cross-discipline performance; moreover, to expand people’s arts participation and enrich the quality of cultural life on the island.
Founder/director Serina Chen is an outstanding producer and curator of this generation. After receiving her Master degree in Performing Arts Administration at New York University, Ms. Chen worked at American Arts and Education Research Center, New York Classical Music Ensemble, and then worked as the Associated Director of Information Systems at City Center Theatre, New York. After returning to Taiwan, she became producer of The Godot Theater Company and successfully transformed the small theater group into the most successful commercial theater company in Taiwan with more than 100,000 subscribers. Meanwhile, she taught Arts Management at many major arts institutes as well as universities. Ms. Chen was Director of Performing Arts Center at Taipei National University of the Arts (1994-95) and introduced many national and international performing arts companies to local audiences. In 1996, she and other enthusiasts established the Performing Arts Alliance of Taiwan, the first Non-Profit organization committed to improving the performing arts and creative industries in Taiwan. She has advocated the establishment of the Cultural Policy and the study of Performing Arts Environment in Taiwan.

With the goal of promoting Taiwanese Performing Arts to the national and international arts community and introducing world-class productions to Taiwanese audiences, Ms. Chen founded Taipei Arts International Association and launched the first international performing arts festival in Taiwan in 1997. The debut large-scale arts event successfully brought the arts and the people closer together and increased opportunities for arts exchange internationally. Under Ms. Chen’s direction, the team focuses on maintaining an important international arts exchange platform for artists and creators. In the past 10 years, this creative team has successfully organized over 12 international festivals, produced over 20 productions, and has presented over 1000 performance productions, staged readings and workshops nationally and internationally.



Artistic director

Serina Chen

2000 Taipei International Arts Festival

world famous pianist Michael Nyman

2010-"Window of the City"

Signing Ceremony

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