The Sound of Flying Cloud
Track 1. Lai-Sue
Track 2. The Song of Life
Track 3. The Ancient Rules of Atayal
Track 4. The Song of Youth

A-minor Family
Track 5. Yi-na-pa-yiu-ddia
Track 6. Rain and You
Track 7. The Sun Set in the Morning
Track 8. Ho-yi-na-lu-wan

Wulu Bunun Tribe Chorus and String Ensemble
Track 9. Ku-isa Tama Laug
Track 10. Bunun Tuza

Track 11. Sunrise Tribe
Track 12. Nothing Else I Can Do
Hohak Band
Track 13. Fooling Around
Track 14. Seven Mornings

Mira Lin in @Dream
Track 15. Ah! Shi!
Track 16.White Whisper
Chai Found Music Workshop
Track 17. The Beauty of Autumn
Track 18. The Hegemony of Xi-Chu

The Han Tang Yuefu
Track 19. Outside the Garden
Track 20. Restless Night

presented by: Taipei Arts International Association / Commissioned by: Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan
Sponsored by: National Youth Commission / Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China
主辦:行政院文化建設委員會 / 指導:行政院青年輔導委員會、中華民國外交部 / 策劃:台北藝術推廣協會